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I have a WRT610N running 1.00.02 B10.  My Dell Studio XPS has a built
in Intel 5300 which used to "see" the router's 5GHz SSID but no longer
does.  I tried upgrading the 5300 driver to (from the Intel
site), which did no good so I downgraded to the Dell driver:  The 5GHz SSID still does not show up.

Some of the relevant 5 GHz settings on the router are:
Network Mode                Wireless-N only
Channel Width                40 MHz only  (also tried auto)
Wide Channel                159 (ch 38 is no better)

The wireless settings of the laptop driver include:
802.11n Channel Width for band 5.2    Auto
802.11n Mode                Enabled

I wonder if the router has a problem.  I need to borrow a suitable
laptop to see if it can see the 5GHz channel.  In the mean time, can
anyone suggest anything else for me to try?

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