vlan trunking Cisco 4500 to Linksys SLM2005

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I bought a Linksys SLM2005 because according to the documentation it
supports 802.1Q. I was planning on connecting the Linksys to a cisco
4500. I enabled VLAN
encapsulation 802.1q  and trunking on the cisco 4500.
When I connected the Linksys switch and disabled
something called ingress filtering on the port connected to
the switch, created PVID-VLAN id to corespond to a vlan
on the cisco switch and associated one of the ports with that PVID.
Linksys does not have very good technical support.
I do not understand how cisco can allow linksys to associate their
name with linksys. End of my rant. Anyway has anyone
been able to get trunking(802.1Q)  to work between a
cisco 4500 switch and a linksys SLM2005 switch?

Thank you,

Re: vlan trunking Cisco 4500 to Linksys SLM2005
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Never used a Linksys switch (we have experience of Cisco, 3Com and a
little with HP and AT) but was the PVID on the Linksys the same as the
native VLAN on the Cisco port?  If the native VLAN is not set on the
Cisco then it defaults to VLAN 1, which may not be what you want.


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