Reason 413: User Authentication Failed

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I am suddenly getting an error message on my PC using VPN Client (ver
4.0.3) "Reason 413: User Authentication Failed". I am using the same
Client and profile on my laptop and there it is working fine. I have
tried removing and reloading the Client software on the PC but still
get the same message. I notice that when I try to connect on my PC, I
get prompted for Username and PIN instead of the Username and Passcode
prompt on the laptop.

Obviously removing the software on my PC did not remove everything (I
noticed that my profiles were still there). What file contains info
that would cause it to ask for a PIN instead of Passcode and not allow
me to log in? Any help would be appreciated.

Re: Reason 413: User Authentication Failed
You may wish to investigate the Cisco VPN Client GUI Error Lookup Tool:

Message Type - Select "Reason"

Message Number/Value - Select "413"

Reason 413: User authentication failed.
Description or Action:

Either the user entered wrong user authentication information, or the
client was not able to launch the XAuth ( user authentication )

Hope this helps.

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Re: Reason 413: User Authentication Failed
Not really, Brad.

I am putting in the same userid and passcode on both machines and one
is working and the other is not, so I don't think it's that and I am
using the same profile file on both machines so I don't think it's the
group authentication section.
That tends to point me to the Xauth portion of the answer but I don't
know how this program kicks off or why it's not.

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