Need Hp Networking consultant and Security Engineer

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We are looking for HP Network Consultant. and Network security

1. HP Network Consultant
Location: North Reading, MA
Rate: $50/hr
Contract Duration: 6 months extendable contract
Job Description:
=B7         Advanced knowledge of following:
o   Layer 2 / Layer3  Switching
o   Ethernet channel, Trunking Protocols.
o   STP/PVST and RSTP.
o   HSRP and VRRP.
o   Static and PBR routing
o   BGP, EIGRP and OSPF Protocol.
o   GRE and IPSEC tunnel
o   Switch Configuration and Management
=B7         Should have strong troubleshooting skills for L2 and L3
=B7         Should have exposure on designing and implementation
based on EIGRP and OSPF Protocol
=B7         Should have knowledge of High redundancy feature both for
software and hardware
=B7         Should have implementation experience on HP 10504 or 10508
campus switches.
=B7         Should have worked on HP S 5500 switches
=B7         Should have worked on HP E and A series switches
=B7         Should have worked on Cisco 6500 series switches.
=B7         Understand Interoperability between HP and Cisco switches.
=B7         Should have done Datacenter Cabling.
=B7         Ability to work as a contributing team member for large
complex projects
=B7         Good to have migration experience from Cisco to HP
=B7         Must have Cisco CCNP certification, any HP network
certification will be an added advantage

2. Network security engineer

Job Overview:
Responsible for the design, testing, evaluation, implementation,
support, management, and deployment of security systems/devices used
to safeguard the organization=92s information assets. Plan and develop
security measures to safeguard information against accidental or
unauthorized modification, destruction, or disclosure. Work with
management and other personnel, as needed, to identify security needs.
Develop and define security standards which incorporate practices,
processes, and products for the enterprise in support of the corporate
security policies.

Essential Responsibilities*:

Provide technical expertise and advise on all areas of security
technology, including: network security, platform security,
authentication/authorization systems, application security, security
architecture, policy enforcement, and security frameworks.
Work with appropriate personnel to create a practical, scaleable, and
secure model for enterprise applications, networks, and services.

Research, evaluate, design, test, recommend, and plan implementation
of new and/or improved information security.
Assist in the review of security policies.

Proactively protect the integrity, confidentiality, and availability
of information processed by and/or in the custody of the

Assist in developing and maintaining effective disaster recovery
plans, processes, and procedures for critical security systems.
Work with technology group to evaluate, select, install, and configure
hardware/software systems to comply with established enterprise
security standards and policies.

Develop technical documentation to support the evaluation, selection,
installation, and maintenance of security technology systems.

Keep abreast of industry trends, emerging technologies and available
Develop and document technical practices to comply with Corporate
Information Security policies.
Conduct technical evaluations of IT systems for compliance with
Corporate Information Security policies.

Basic Entry Requirements:

BS or BA degree, plus two (2) or more years experience in related
field, or any combination or equivalent education, experience, and
formal training that allows the candidate to meet the requirements of
the job
Preferred candidate will have Master=92s degree in IT or related field,
plus five (5) or more years of relevant experience.

Ideal candidate will possess all of the above, plus airline industry
experience, broad range of exposure in Unix, NT, security, e-commerce,
anti-virus, Intrusion Detection Systems, Firewall-1, Cisco security,
broad security scope, and/or CISSP.

Major Skills and Competencies:
Core Competencies: (Common across all DT positions)
Communication Skills- The ability to communicate verbally and in
writing with all levels of employees and management, capable of
successful formal and informal communication, speaks and writes
clearly and understandably at the right level.
Integrity and Trust - Involves being widely trusted, being seen as a
direct, truthful individual, can present the unvarnished truth in an
appropriate and helpful manner, keeps confidences, admits mistakes,
and doesn=92t misrepresent him/herself for personal gain.
Teamwork - Involves working well in a collaborative setting,
supporting work team by volunteering for and completing assignments,
acting as a positive team member by contributing to discussions,
developing and maintaining both formal and informal relationships
enterprise-wide, defines success in terms of the entire team through
mentoring and knowledge transfer.
Technical Expertise - Involves demonstrating a commitment to
increasing knowledge and skills in current technical/functional area,
keeping up to date on technical developments, staying informed as to
industry practices, knowing how to apply relevant technical processes
to appropriate business needs.

Job Specific:

Functional Expertise - Involves demonstrating knowledge of policies,
general practices, procedures, etc. relevant for the area in which he/
she works.

Influence - The ability to convince/persuade others that do not report
to this position, of the need to complete assignments, do things
differently, resolve conflicts, etc. Can present an idea in such a way
as to convince others of it=92s importance.

Interpersonal Skills - The ability to successfully, professionally,
and diplomatically interact with others and develop relationships with
people who have widely varying styles, levels in the organization, and
knowledge of IT.
Problem Solving - Uses rigorous logic and methods to solve difficult
problems with effective solutions, probes all fruitful sources for
answers, can see hidden problems, is excellent at honest analysis,
looks beyond the obvious and doesn=92t stop at the first answer.

Self-Development - Is actively committed to continuously improve him/
herself, understands that different situations and levels may call for
different skills and approaches, knows personal strengths, weaknesses,
opportunities and limits, works on compensating for weaknesses and
limitations, seeks feedback, gains insights from mistakes, is open to
criticism without being defensive.

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