Need help on site-to-site VPN setup on ASA5525x

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I need some help setting up my first site-to-site VPN on a Cisco ASA 5525x. I've never had any trouble setting up remote access VPNs for users, but on this, I'm really stuck.  

The actual tunnel itself is set up, but I'm having trouble passing traffic through it. The Rx bytes go up with pings from the remote end, but the Tx bytes never move (and the pings all fail).

Are there any sample configurations that involve a separate vlan for the remote users?

For example, the remote users are, and this subnet is set up at the central site as vlan 94.
The ASA5525x is set up with ip address, vlan 99, connected by a trunk port to a 6509 central switch.

I've got configurations on both the ASA5525x and the 6509 side, but I'm not sure of what I have so far.... any help with be greatly appreciated!

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