Multicast Question - urgent

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We have a VCON video conferance system that works on interactive

I need a way of forwarding the SAME multicast IP address in both
directions between 2 ethernet ports on a single router.
Detail:  The VCON multicasting server is connected to say FE0/0 and is
forwarding multicast ip (example). The client receiving
the multicast is sitting on FE0/1. The client vcon camera is receiving
the multicast but also forwards back "control messages" on the same
multicast IP address to the VCON server which is connected off FE0/0.

I have confgured pim dense mode on both FE interfaces with te ip igmp
join-group command for on both interfaces. I can see the
multicast is received by the client on FE0/1 but my problem is that the
control messages on the same multicast address are not being forwarded
to the FE0/0 interface. In fact show ip mroute does not list the vcon
client camera as sending multicast.

If I connect a separate pc on FE0/1 interface to generate the mutlicast
(after stopping the VCON server mcast ) I do see the multicast packets
make it to FE0/0 lan.

I need a way where multicast is forwarded both ways at the same time.

Thank you ,


Re: Multicast Question - urgent
kartik wrote:
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Perhaps you need "ip igmp static-group" , not "join-group"?

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