Missing APs on AIR-WLC4402-25-K9 until boot of a seperate 1242AG

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Hi NG,

i'm having a strange phenomena such as:

AIR-WLC4402-25-K9 with around 17 LWAPP APs running on it.

While i boot one of my WS-C3560-24PS, whereby i got like 7 APs attached.
After the reload of the 3560 those 7 APs will not join the Controller!
The APs are seen via CDP, there PoE consumtion looks ok.
The APs are availabe via ICMP but still do not apear on my controller.

THEN the big magic:

when i attach a seperate AIR-1242AG-E-K9 to any different switch, thereby
having the AP localy powerd, in the same Vlan as all the others AP.
As soon as this new, seperate attached AP is booted up, suddently all of the
others will than appear!
I can reproduce this effect!

has any one had similar effects?
Thank you

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