HSRP on Catalyst

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I need to enable HSRP across two core 6513. We need this for two voice
gateways so there will be 2 HSRP groups. Most of  the cisco
documentation I have come across is for MFSC redunancy. Is it better to
enable HSRP via VLAN interfaces and add the switch port to the VLAN's
or to use the interfaces directly?

Re: HSRP on Catalyst
Are using using native or hybrid mode ?

Are the targe router interfaces already in use ?
if so post the interface configs

Re: HSRP on Catalyst
Do a search for HSRP in this forum, we hashed this out about a week ago

Re: HSRP on Catalyst
I would also use GLBP instead of HSRP also

Re: HSRP on Catalyst
Why GLBP instead of HSRP? The voice gateways are using voip (MGCP and
RTP) so this will be a factor in the design. I did not see the HSRP
thread specifically. Do you happen to know the results?

Re: HSRP on Catalyst

I would use GLBP because you dont have one router sitting there doing
nothing like in HSRP. I load balance across two Avaya 8700's and with
GLBP you can chose to load balance using round robin or host dependent
which is what I use.

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