Genuine Gre Certificate without exam

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Genuine Gre Certificate without exam
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Genuine Gre Certificate without exams,Get more opportunities for success wi
th the GRE General Test, the one test accepted by thousands of graduate and
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Three scores are reported on the GRE General Test: A Verbal Reasoning score
 is reported on a 130?170 score scale, in 1-point increments. A Qua
ntitative Reasoning score is reported on a 130?170 score scale, in  
1-point increments. An Analytical Writing score is reported on a 0?
6 score level, in half-point increments.

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ol, Including Business and Law. More Opportunities for Success.
Getting an advanced degree can create many opportunities. In fact, recent d
ata from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and The Organisation for Economic C
o-operation and Development illustrates how education pays in higher earnin
gs and lower unemployment rates.

Whether you are planning to go to graduate school, including business or la
w ? or just exploring your options ? you are taking an impo
rtant step toward your future. It is a smart move to show schools your best
 and with the GRE General Test, you can!

The GRE General Test helps you do your best on test day. With the GRE Gener
al Test, you decide which scores to send to schools. If you feel you didn
?t do your best on test day, that?s okay. You can retake th
e test and then send only the scores you want schools to see. It?s  

Plus, the GRE General Test is the only admissions test for graduate and pro
fessional school that lets you skip questions within a section, go back and
 change answers, and have control to tackle the questions within a section  
you want to answer first.

The GRE General Test features question types that closely reflect the kind  
of thinking you?ll do in graduate and professional school, includin
g business and law.

Verbal Reasoning ? Measures the ability to analyze and draw conclus
ions from discourse, reason from incomplete data, understand multiple level
s of meaning, such as literal, figurative and author?s intent, summ
arize text, distinguish major from minor points, understand the meanings of
 words, sentences and entire texts, and understand relationships among word
s and among concepts. There is an emphasis on complex verbal reasoning skil
Quantitative Reasoning ? Measures the ability to understand, interp
ret and analyze quantitative information, solve problems using mathematical
 models, and apply the basic concepts of arithmetic, algebra, geometry and  
data analysis. There is an emphasis on quantitative reasoning skills.
Analytical Writing ? Measures critical thinking and analytical writ
ing skills, including the ability to articulate and support complex ideas w
ith relevant reasons and examples, and examine claims and accompanying evid
ence. There is an emphasis on analytical writing skills.
Learn more about the content and structure of the GRE General Test.

Who Takes It?
Prospective graduate and business school applicants from all around the wor
ld who are interested in pursuing a master?s, specialized master?
??s in business, MBA, J.D. degree, or doctoral degree take the GRE Gene
ral Test. Applicants come from varying educational and cultural backgrounds
 and the GRE General Test provides schools with a common measure for compar
ing candidates? qualifications.

GRE scores are used by admissions or fellowship panels to supplement your u
ndergraduate records, recommendation letters and other qualifications for g
raduate-level study.

When and Where Do People Take It?
The GRE General Test is available at more than 1,000 test centers in more t
han 160 countries. In most regions of the world, the computer-delivered tes
t is available on a continuous basis throughout the year. In Mainland China
; Hong Kong, China; Taiwan, China; and Korea, the computer-delivered test i
s available up to three times per month. In areas of the world where comput
er-delivered testing is not available, the paper-delivered test is availabl
e up to two times a year in November and February.

See Test Centers and Dates for all regions.

Who Accepts It?
The GRE General Test is accepted at thousands of graduate schools, includin
g business and law, as well as departments and divisions within these schoo
ls. View a listing of institutions and fellowship sponsors approved to rece
ive GRE scores.

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