does SFP need to be assinged IP address

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Hai there,

i got sudden quest about SFP port,Does it need to be given IP address?
Suppose two 3750 switches which are 10 KM apart, are connected thru
Single mode fiber.Does it need totally two IP addresses at the ends?Do
we need to provide IP address fo rthe Uplinks?
And can someone help me to find out which fiber optic patch panel and
patch cable to be used if Fiber optic connector is LC.As there are lot
of Patch panel types like SC/PC,SC/ST,SC/FC.......

Thankyou in advance.

Re: does SFP need to be assinged IP address

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Switches are switches, layer 2 devices; they figure out which
MAC address is on which port and handle everything from there.
You can have the same IP subnet throughout the organization and
it will Just Work.

However, if you configure the above way then you will have ARP
packets flying over the 10 KM link, which might not be what you
had in mind. The 3750 can handle routing (and better so if it
has the Advanced IP feature set), so if you can segment so
that different IP ranges are on the different sides of the link,
you can increase link utilization efficiency, as only packets
with the opposite-end's IP address range as their destination
would travel over the link then.

Re: does SFP need to be assinged IP address
SFPs are just a "media converters". If you have Layer2 link between
locations, then you should configure ports as a "switchport", and if you
have Layer3 logical structure between locations, then you need to configure
IP addresses. Again, this can be done either by switching interface mode to
Layer3 (remove "switchport" command from the interface and configure IP
address), or create a corresponding Layer3 interface for a VLAN, assigned to
the interface.

Good luck,

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