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I have a Dual WAN, Cisco (LinkSys) RV042.  This is an awesome little
router for the price, but was wondering if someone can help me
understand how the Dual WAN path is selected.   The one thing that is
limiting is the GUI interface.  Seems this guy could do so much more
if there was a command line:)

Currently it seems this device selects the path based on the lowest IP
address and if Internet service is detected.

Is it possible to force this device to select a different interface vs
the one is selects be default?

For example:

WAN1 is /26
WAN2 is /26

The path is always WAN1 unless WAN1 is unplugged.

How does this device detect internet service?
Can it be made to used WAN2 without auto selecting WAN1 when both WANs
are functioning?


Re: Cisco RV042

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My mistake...this router does not choose path my lowest's
based on he Primary vs Secondary....

Is there a way to force this to use the secondary if the primary is up
and running?


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