Catalyst 4510R stops responding.

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My 4510 switch stops responding over the weekend. No users in the
office that day so no complains about conenctivity. I can't telnet to
it, can't ping it. I can ping loopback0 but no telnet allowed though.
CDP works fine, can see the switch from the directly connected neighbor
switch. This morning local SA gets to the server room and reports all
modules )8 of them) have no power. He reboot the device. Comes back up
with no problems. Diagnostic clean, no errors currently reported. CPU
history shows very high utilization on and before of the problem
occurance. I have no outside log so no way I can see any errors. What
would be the way best to approach this problem. I have set up local
syslog server . The switch is running IOS 12.2(18)EW3, 512MB RAM, 64MB

Thanks for your help.


Re: Catalyst 4510R stops responding.

IOS 12.2(18)EW3 is a defferred release so the first then you should do
is upgrade to 12.2(20)EWA3 or 12.2(25)EWA5

Re: Catalyst 4510R stops responding.
First of all thanks for reply. We have more than just one of 4500
series in that office and there is no problem with other switches. Our
network is kind of lage, there is no easy way to do an IOS upgrade
especially in case like this when only one device with a particular IOS
 has failed. This of course will be addressed in the next month or two.
Currently colelcting log messages to the Syslog server hoping that I
will catch some valuable data.

Re: Catalyst 4510R stops responding.
Possible causes of problem:
a) software bug - if you detect something in syslog and call it in to
Cisco the first thing they are going to do is to tell you to upgrade
b) misconfiguration - post your config if you wish so group can take a
c) hardware problem

I do not understand the comment about "no easy way" to do an upgrade

Re: Catalyst 4510R stops responding.
IOS used in our devices are standardized, new IOS must be approved by
different group before. Thanks.

Re: Catalyst 4510R stops responding.
Well you probably should advise the group responsible that the
standardization process that the IOS version in use is a deferred (
read junked ) release.

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