837 ADSL and Multiple Dialers

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I am configuring a Cisco 837 ADSL router. The scenario is that I want
to connect to different ISPs (via the ADSL WAN interface) dependant on
the destination network address trying to be reached. I realise (with
the service I have) that I cant have two connections up over the ADSL
at the same time, but what I was hoping was that I could configure a
couple of dialers and setup routing such that the 837 would dial one
ISP when it sees traffic destined for a particular network and then
drop and dial the second ISP when it sees traffic destined for a
different network.

I dont seem to be able to get this work, it all seems to come back to
the 837 wanting you to have separate async interfaces for each ISP
using different vci/vpi combos (which my service doesnt provide).

Is what I'm trying to do possible with an 837? If so, any hints on how
to configure it would be greatly appreciated.


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