Yeah yeah, it's been asked before... Lab equipment question

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Greetings all:

I'm going to ask what I'm SURE has been asked a thousand times.  If this
group has a FAQ, just tell me where to read it and I'll get lost.

Working on my CCNA, and one of my tactics for keeping me motivated is to buy
used e-bay equipment.  Then I get to read the book and play as I go along.

At this point, I have a 2514, two 2621's, a Catalyst 2900xl, and a Catalyst
2950.  I used to work in the real estate industry, so I'm laid off now.
This is all part of my "plan for recovery".

I know I have enough for the CCNA, but I'd like to add a Wireless AP, and a
firewall to my collection.  I've decided that I just need to have a home lab
setup constantly, as part of my career.

Does anyone have suggestions for what models of these two items would be
useful in future certifications?


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