Wireless networking into a Cisco switch

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I have both a 1900 and a 2900 series switch. The physical network is running
fine and I am progressing well with my home lab (studying for CCNA). Would
it be possible to connect a Wireless Access Point into the switch and thus
create a powerful wireless network at home? If thats possible, will an off
the shelf brand such as dlink, netgear suffice?

Cheers guys

Re: Wireless networking into a Cisco switch
Hi, i'm doing exactly that, a little Netgear box connected to my 2950 and it
works fine.


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Re: Wireless networking into a Cisco switch
Those wireless devices in consumer stores are wireless routers, not wireless
access-points.  If a Cisco wireless access point was connected to one of
your switchports, the wireless connections would be on the same VLAN and
subnet as the switchport.  It would be similar to having another hub/switch,
albeit one that uses wireless connections to hosts, connected to that port
which would have many MAC addresses on one port.  By using a wireless router
there will be a seperate subnet on the "inside" of the the wireless router
and the outside NAT address of the wireless router connected into your LAN.
There are some exceptions to these products, but the functionality is

Because you mentioned that this is for CCNA, I might suggest a Cisco AP 300
or 1200.  These are only access-points, not access-points and routers with
NAT bound into the same device.  I found the 300 difficult to work with
compared to the 1200, but both can be bought used as long as you ensure you
receive a power supply.  I should not have to suggest eBay to you, but they
average $20-$60.

On the subject of Cisco wireless, please look into the Cisco wireless
     www.cisco.com -> Products & Services -> Wireless -> Network Management
Look at the Wireless Control System.  It is geared for a larger environment
which would have many access points requiring central management.


     Scott Perry
Indianapolis, Indiana
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