When did 640-801 come out?

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I took CCNA for the first time about 5 years ago...it basically became
a library card while job-hunting (ie I got more books for CCNP), I
didn't have enough money to buy CCNP equipment or take the tests, and
I let it expire 2 years ago.

Now I'm thinking it might help while searching job prospects <cough>
so I'm considering taking it again.  The problem is, I took the "new"
test back then (August 2002) but I forget what the test number was.

Is 640-801 the same test that came out back then?  That way I can use
the same books (I have the books for 640-507 but they worked great
with the "new" test back then...there was less info on AppleTalk on
the new test than in those books,  but I'm digressing).


Re: When did 640-801 come out?
    There has been quite a bit of change since then.  

    You need to get new books.  Taking a refresher course would
probably help, too.  



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Re: When did 640-801 come out?
On 8/5/2007 10:32:26 AM, Dan wrote:
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The 640-507 that you studied for was retired and replaced by the 640-607.
That was retired and replaced in turn by the 640-801 you mentioned. However,
640-801 retires on November 6, 2007 and is being replaced by the 640-802.
Basically you need to buy a new book. I started with the 640-407 and the new
exam is a lot different. AppleTalk and IPX/SPX are completely gone. VLANs,
Layer 3 routing and other topics are on the exam now, that weren't on there 5
years ago.

Hope that helps.

Re: When did 640-801 come out?
And the brand new CCNA just started this month.  They have only write the
course material for parts 1 and 2, and are still working on 3 and 4.

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