When can I start applying for jobs?

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Do I need to wait until I have my CCNA in hand, or can I start
applying for jobs with an "Expected CCNA" date on my resume?

Re: When can I start applying for jobs?
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I think there is legislation that prevents you from applying until you have
been a CCNA for at least 6 months.  This is punishable by 3-5 years in
maximum security prison.

All kidding aside.  It can't hurt to start trying.  Really, you'll find that
real experience is more important than certification.  How much more
important depends on who is hiring and what they are looking for.  Best
advice is take what you can get at first and don't be too picky, just one
that will give you decent experience.  Earn your wings and then look for the
job that fits you.

Re: When can I start applying for jobs?
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As a past professional services manager and engineer manager, when
reviewing resumes, I did not view the "Expected CCNA" as a compelling
factor. Actually, I see this a an attempt to claim expertise without
having any. However, if you have lots of real-world Cisco experience
then it is not as negative. Either way, I don't think it improves your
chances and if anything, it is seen as a negative. If you have
attended and completed a CCNA training course, I would list that

If you have a long-term goal to become a network engineer then figure
out what it takes to get there and start taking the steps. One day,
week and month at a time. You might need to work for free or take a
night shift managing network equipment so that your certifications
match your experience. Having a CCNA or even a CCNP without the the
appropriate experience can be a problem because hiring managers will
see you as "book smart" but they will be hesitant to hand over a
complex network environment to someone lacking real experience.

Hope this help.

Re: When can I start applying for jobs?
On Sat, 21 Mar 2009 09:12:59 -0700 (PDT), robertmstanley

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Yeah, I agree.

I'm working so hard, studying 8-12 hours a day.  But I'm also getting
really, really depressed with the reality of the situation.

If I hadn't left engineering to raise kids, I wouldn't be starting
over.  But I made that choice.

Now I feel like my own life is screwed.  I scour the job sites every
day, and I don't see anything for me.

Re: When can I start applying for jobs?
On Mar 21, 8:46=A0pm, Mitch@_._ wrote:
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I have been interviewing some of my friends in the industry. One of
them has a great story. He is currently a Sr. product manager for one
of the largest cell phone companies in the world. When he started, he
was working the local newspaper on the printing press or something. He
wanted into the industry badly...
.. He approached a community college and offered to work evenings for

Amazingly they declined but he persisted and eventually they hired him
without pay and he worked 10 hrs a day at the printing press and 10
hours at the college.

He basically worked for six months with almost no sleep.

After 6 months, when he had enough experience to get work elsewhere,
he told the community college that he was going to get a job somewhere
that paid. But.....
.. He gave them a chance to hire him first and they did.

However, they did not have his position budgeted so they only paid him
$8 hr.

While he was there he attended classes which included Cisco and
Microsoft courses which, as an employee, he could attend for free
(minus books).

He has no degree (some college) and started with no experience.

He now makes well over six figures....

He says that persistence and desire are his keys to success and based
on his story, I believe him.

Email me (rstan251@gmail.com) and I will share the audio interview
with you. You might find it inspiring.


Re: When can I start applying for jobs?
On Mon, 23 Mar 2009 06:23:29 -0700 (PDT), robertmstanley

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Pretty much every engineering job I ever had, was through knowing
someone or by some chance meeting.  My last job I got becuase my wife
struck up a conversation with a guy on a plane.  He was the president
of a company who was in immediate need of an electrical engineer!

So even though I scour the job boards every day, I don't think much of
them.  In fact, everyone I know scours them as well, and not one of
them has even got an interview.

I'll email you for that story.

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