What should an inexperienced CCNA be paid

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Hello All,

I've been in the IT field professionally 6 years.  I have a few certs
(A+, Network+, MCP (2K Pro).  I have recently obtained my CCNA
certification.  I currently work as a Level 2 tech for a fortune 500
company in Southeastern Michigan doing desktop, laptop, and basic
network support, officially. The network person (Level 3)has recently
left the company and I have unofficially doing a little of the Level III
work such as provisioning network drops that connect to the access &
distribution layer switches (4503 Catalyst) switches--some run CatOS and
some IOS.  Basically add/moves/changes between the various vlans in our

I currently work as a contractor and was told that I would be hired as
direct soon and I would like to get some idea what I should ask for
during negotiations as a Cisco certified professional with little
experience.  Right now, I am making $34K and am contemplating asking for
  $40K in lieu of the fact that I am now Cisco certified.

Is this reasonable?  I would say that this more than reasonable.  Any
helpful feedback would be much appreciated.



What should an inexperienced CCNA be paid
Your value in the job market depends heavily on the region where you
are located (ie. what employers in your area are willing to pay). You
probably need to develop relationships with more recruiters & be
willing to relocate if you want to make more. If you live & work in
podunk Upper Peninsula Michign, you can't reasonably expect to be
making the same that you could be making if you worked in Detroit, Ann
Arbor, or Chicago. In the end it may simply be that you haven't
hooked-up with the "right" recruiter.


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