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Hello-am unsure whether this is valid
If I use a class C address and use the first subnet with a /26 mask
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Re: VLSM question

"daytime B4C0BA
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you can not use a /26 address again, if you do that , .120 is in the
.64 subnet, then .120 and .65 are in the same subnet,but .65 have the
/27 then it thinks .120 is in the diffirent subnet.
but ,you need not have to use /30,you can use /29

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Re: VLSM question

CCIE-AU wrote:
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That makes sense- Iwas confusing the issue by trying not to waste any
host addresses-so if I used VLSM in a /26 subnet (0-63)then used /27
(64-127)in the next- I would need to "fill " the additional 30(usable)
addresses (96-127) with either another /27 or 2*/28 or 4*29 or 8*/30.

I hope that is correct.

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