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Hi there,

I'm studying for my CCNA and am messing around with a few different
VLAN scenarios.

Up until now, we have been taught to use different subnets for each

VLAN2 > 192.168.2.x
VLAN3 > 192.168.3.x

However, I would like to see what happens when you have different
VLAN's on the same subnet.

So, I've got two hosts;

Host A is on VLAN 2 and has an IP address
Host B is on VLAN 3 and has an IP address

I've configured the ports on the 2950 to enable static VLAN's for the
two ports.  Up until now, there is no problem...Host A can ping other
hosts that have been assigned onto VLAN 2 and Host B can ping other
hosts on VLAN 3. Neither can ping each other.

But, I'd like to configure inter-VLAN routing. Is this not possible
because they are on the same subnet?

I've connected and configured a trunk link between the 2950 switch and
a 2600 router, and set;

2600(config)# interface f0/1
2600(config-if)# no ip address
2600(config)# no shut
2600(config)# interface f0/1.2
2600(config-subif)# encapsulation dot1q 2
2600(config-subif)# ip address
2600(config-subif)# exit
2600(config)# interface f0/1.3
2600(config-subif)# encap dot1q 3
2600(config-subif)# ip address

However, Host A can ping both and .4.10, whereas Host B can
ping neither addresses.

Is it not possible to enable inter-vlan routing this way, or am I doing
something wrong? I assume the problem is because you are assigning two
subinterfaces on the same subnet on the router, but I thought that with
the dot1q x command you were speciyfing that only VLAN x could
communicate with it?

Would appreciate an explanation!


Re: VLAN help
dilan.weerasinghe@gmail.com wrote:
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The best way I can put it.
Lets say we have Main street in a city,
an then someone names another street
in the same city Main street.
Who will ever know which Main street to go to?

Re: VLAN help
Nice comparisation.
Couldn't tell it better.

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Re: VLAN help
Rule goes 1 subnet per Vlan.

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