VGCommunicator-VoIP Anti blockage SIP softphone/Dialer

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For political & economic reasons, ISP may block VoIP in your country. To
protect your VoIP business & profit, SpeedVoIP Communication Technology
Co., Ltd. is providing patent Security VoIP Softphone/Dialer, which
circumvents VoIP blocking.
Fully SIP compatible softphone/dialer for PC2Phone and PC2PC services.
VoiceGuard™ softphone/dialer features:
•    VoiceGuard™ VoIP anti-blocking engine embedded, widely used in UAE ,
Asia & Africa ISP blocking VoIP market
•    Supports branding with custom skin and logo
•    Compatible with Windows 98/Me/2000/XP/2003/Vista
•    NAT/Firewall traversal feature
•    Works with any 3rd party SIP Server
•    Supports SIP outbound proxy
•    Displays callers account balance
•    Displays call credit time
•    Embed Flash advertisements
•    DTMF tones can be integrated with voice mail or other tone driven
•    Multilanguage user interface
•    Integration with clients website
•    Voice Activity Detection Voice Activity Detection
•    Automatic Echo Cancellation
•    Automatic jitter buffer adjustment
•    Last number Redial
•    History of 10 last dialed numbers
•    Quick dial user list
•    Quick provision for customers, only user name and password required
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Other products:
•    VoiceGuard™ SPE VoIP Adapter(VGSPE) – hardware, VoIP anti-blocking ATA,
model 1 - 4 FXS & FXO ports
•    VoiceGuard™ Border Controller(VGBC) – hardware, support any brands
ATA/Softphone, such as Linksys PAP2
•    VoiceGuard™ Standalone Client(VGSC) for Windows – software, support any
brands ATA/Softphone, such as Linksys PAP2 & X-lite
•    VoiceGuard™ Client SDK(VGSDK) - incorporate voip anti-blocking
capability into existing legacy softphone and dialer running on Windows,
accept Softphone/Dialer customization order embedded with VGSDK

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