Using Cicso 2503 as a dial in router

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I want to use the 2503 for dialing in from a Linux desktop like dialing
in to a internet provider. We need it for a lab environment on
university. I can dial in (using kinternet) and the  ping from linux
desktop to cisco and in the other side works (I gave the cisco bri0 the and my linux pc (ippp0) the the eth0
( is connected to another pc (192168.100.10) for testing
and here also the ping works to both sides. But the interface ippp0
cannot ping to the network, neither the .1 nor the .10.
What have I to entry in the routing list.

I tested the entry
ip route ethernet 0
ip route brI 0

the command 'show ip route' gives

C is directly connected, BRI0
C* is directly connected, Ethernet 0

What have I to add for routing from the one to the other net?

I`m sorry for this probably simple question, but I´m new on cisco routers.

with greetings and thanks


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