USB to RJ-45 console cable?

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Hi All,

I know have read numerous threads on Google goups and cannot
come up with an answer on this one.

I have already read and seen that there are cables/adapters that
go from USB to DB-9. That would allow you to connect your standard
serial console cable as you normall would. I am trying to find a way
to eliminate this.

I would like to buy/make a cable that will have a  USB connector on
one end and an RJ-45 on the other. I'm not sure if it is as easy as
cutting off a connector on the usb and just terminating the RX/TX/GND
like you can do with a serial cable (DB-9).

I know there may be some issues with going from USB to rs-232
signaling and I could always build some kind of breakout box
in the middle.

Any thought?????

- Jay

Re: USB to RJ-45 console cable?

Hi there,

I have the Keyspan Serial to USB adapter, converting RS-232 to USB. I use it
everyday to connect to my Cisco routers. Works very good without any flaws. /


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