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I have no background with Cisco equipment or installing wireless
devices or firewalls. I have recently been made responsible for the
implementation of a Cisco Air Lap access point and a Cisco ASA 5505.
Can anyone tell me an online class(es) or training materials that
focus on the basics of these or like devices. I am trying to find
something that will teach me the steps of set-up and management
without overwhelming myself with extras, for right now.


Re: Training question

Use the publicly available information on the Cisco website to get the ASDM
software running on a PC for firewall management.
 - Go to the Cisco website
 - select Support
 - select Configure
 - select Security
 - select Firewall Appliances
 - select Cisco ASA 5500 Series
 - select Configuration Guides
 - select Cisco ASDM User Guide
The device setup and management section will describe enabling the firewall
for ASDM use and installing the ASDM software.  From there, a person not
familiar with the syntax of Cisco command line interfaces (CLI) could better
get started in managing the firewall.  This is interface is similar to the
way that SonicWall and CheckPoint Firewall-1 is managed.

With that being offered to get you started, it might be good for me to also
encourage you to get a better understanding of networking, security, and
working with Cisco devices.  Just being able to manage the firewall, like
using the ASDM, does not make the network secure unless security concepts
are understood and well implemented.  One suggestion is reading material
regarding CompTIA's Security+ certification or material regarding Cisco
Certified Security Professional (CCSP) exams.

Scott Perry
Indianapolis, IN

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