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hi everyone..

I have ccna exam on friday and I'm studying
using some old testking's version.. I cannot find
anywhere what is the actual, latest version..
Does anybody know?

Re: testking versions..
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You will not pass with any version of TK, old or new. And if you do
miraculously pass the exam by using them, you will lose your certifications
soon after you are reported to Cisco for cheating on their Exams.

Do yourself a favor and LEARN the material, don't just temporarily memorize

I have compiled a strong list of test preparation materials here that you
can look through

Please, also take a few minutes to learn why the braindumps you use to study
with can get your certifications revoked.

You think you know IT?!?!
Check out the new Anti-braindumping Forums
http://www.CertGuard.com/forums /

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