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I have a cisco 2621 router and want to know if I can connect to the router
with just a rollover cabe to the console port from my ethernet port.  If so
how should I configure the port. If not I'll buy a db9 / rj45 adapter.  I
got the router, but don't know the ip address to telnet to.  Can I recycle
the router using this method to do a password recovery.  I'm new to this and
want to get things up and running as soon as possible to make sure I didn't
buy a broken router.


Re: Terminal Conniction

markstyles@socal.rr.com says...
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No, you can NOT connect trough your ethernet port to console port of the
router (well, you could probably kill the port like that). You need to
connect console port on the router to the serial port on your computer,
then use terminal program and choose "serial connection" and parameters
9600,8,N,1, no flowcontrol.


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Re: Terminal Conniction

Is there another option. One of my laptops doesnt have a DB9 port on it?

What should i do in that case?


Re: Terminal Conniction

You can buy a serial to usb adapter at any computer type store.

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