T1 Line Speed Test Question Please Help!!!!

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I have t1 line with Bell South and the t1 line terminates on a Cisco
1721 Router at both Corporate locations.  I do not believe that I am
getting a full 1.5 Mbps through the line between the two locations.  I
manage the routers at both location.

Is there any software or router configuration commands that I can do to
test from router to router the amount of speed that I am receiving from
the T - 1 line?

Any responses is greatly appreciated.  Thank You

Re: T1 Line Speed Test Question Please Help!!!!
mdargin@msn.com wrote:
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Is the T-1 point-to-point or frame relay? Is it a full T-1 or Fractional

These are two *very* important questions you need answers to before you
start testing line speed and throughput.

A Full dedicated T-1 that is point-to-point should have the full 1.536
Mbps available to you, or something *very* close to that.

Fractional and/or Frame Relay will have something less than the 1.536
Mbps that a full dedicated point-to-point T-1 would have.

John P. Dearing
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