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One of the typical LABs in CCNA test is that three routers set up, but
the networks are not talking to each other, fix it.

What do you do?

To sart it all over, reconfigure all three routers, or do
troubleshooting and fix the very problem(s)?

Re: Strategies or Approaches

First, check running config on all three routers, check if you have correct
IP addresses, check if you have all required interfaces up, if not - check
why. In CCNA exam it shouldn't be too hard. It's something simple, i.e.
"interface shutdown"; encapsulation enabled on one side, and not enabled on
another; mismatch in IP addresses; routing is not turned on; etc. Pay
attention to details in config.

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Re: Strategies or Approaches

if its the one with the rip protocol, yuo will find that the middle router
doesn't have any routing protocol or network advertisement in it

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Re: Strategies or Approaches says...
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In the old days, when I was getting my CCNA, there was a NDA statement
to accept before taking the exam which prohibited sharing of the
questions. Does that not exist anymore?


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Re: Strategies or Approaches

I agree with Ivan. Questions should not be posted here, but as far as
troubleshooting goes. I would start with sh ip route statements while
watching which networks are in the table and basic pings from each router.
You should have planty of time. I did the whole test and had 30 minutes to

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Re: Strategies or Approaches

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begin by trying to forumlate a logic process -- try to work from Layer 1 up.
with this approach you should be able to resolve most, if not all things.


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