Simulate ISDN over BRI Port!

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Found the following from some forum...

any one have any idea on whether the below works? i mean without buying
expensive isdn simulator ?

Previously it was not possible, but now it is !!! (if you have the correct

- Here is a sample configuration with Voice-BRI
    interface BRI1/0
     description So-Bus to R1 - We are NetworkSide
     no ip address
     isdn switch-type basic-qsig
     isdn protocol-emulate network
     isdn layer1-emulate network
     isdn incoming-voice voice

- For  Data-BRI the config should be similar.

- For PRI (T1 or E1) , you'll have to define the layer clocking on the T1/E1
controller with "clock-source line internal)

You need to build special cables by crossing TX and RX pairs please go to
the CCO or the pin-out description for T1/E1 and BRI (you cannot user an
Ethernet cross-over cable !)

Have fun, the feature is great and avoid you to buy a PBX

Thomas  (CCIE #3631)

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