Set up multicasting/ iptv lab

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I'll be taking my CCNP routing exam soon (the new BSCI) and would like
to get a multicasting lab going. I was also thinking that whilst I was
doing this, it would be a good opportunity to play around with Cisco
IPTV, as I can get hold of some cheap Cisco Broadcast servers (3411 and
3423's).  I already have about 6 x 2610 routers that were given free
from work, a couple of 2900XL switches that are probably useless, and a
3550 EMI switch.

A couple of questions, if anyone would be so kind as to answer them...

i) Is the hardware I mention above enough for a multicasting/ BSCI lab?

ii) As for the IPTV lab, how does IPTV work exactly? According to the
Cisco document at

The process is video file>IPTV server> Multicast enabled router> Client

Is there anything else that I need? And how does the IPTV server
connect to the router, is it via a straighforward LAN (i.e thru a

Finally, the IPTV servers run a MS Server implementation apparently. Do
I need any other software to get this running?

Any help would be *greatly* appreciated.


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