Serial interface "unset" ?

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Does anybody know what the "unset" in the last line of my show means?
Both serial interfaces are WIC-1Ts.
tia Dik

c2611#show ip interface brief

Interface    IP-Address    OK? Method Status Protocol
Ethernet0/0    YES NVRAM  up     down
Serial0/0    unassigned    YES NVRAM  up     up
Ethernet0/1  YES NVRAM  up     down
Serial0/1    unassigned    YES unset  up     up


Re: Serial interface "unset" ?
Check this out:

I think it means an IP address is currently not set on the interface.  Other
common settings would be 'NVRAM' if the IP address is from the saved config
and 'manual' if it was set by the admin since the last reboot.


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