SEmester 2 question?

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Hello, can anyone tell me when setting up a password for vty or line
console,does it matter whether you type password first and then login
or vice versa, I am doing course online and in one instance it takes
the former and then another instance it takes the latter. I have used
virtual terminal and it doesnt make any diffrence, does it in the "real
world" ? many  thanks,

Re: SEmester 2 question?
I'm not sure, but i thought that you the sequence of these commands doesn't
The password command sets the password for the specific line, the login
command is to make sure that anyone have to input the login command when
accessing the line.

When you enter the password command, there is a message that you have to
enter the login command before the password takes present. I think it
doesn't matter, and if it does matter, then the password command must be
entered first.

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Re: SEmester 2 question?
Thanks for that.

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