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If you have a CCNA, and only a CCNA for certification, maybe a
bachelors and a associates to go with it would you please post your
salary here...Just wondering for personal use...I will be finished
with my bachelors in December and I have currently passed the INTRO
and working on the ICND

Re: Salary
BMoore wrote:

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Just see this page here:

These guys had access to much larger base of respondents than you could
ever hope to get here and so their analysis should be statistically more

Hope you get your (Nat'l CCNA average) $76,500 soon if not there already



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Re: Salary
started at 52k/yr cnd (in central canada) wrote:
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Re: Salary
On Apr 19, 11:58 am, wrote:
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I do helpdesk and make 10.50 an hour w/ an associates and 1/2 a CCNA
lol...SC is horrible for Looking I actually have an
interview Monday...but its only 32,000, im working hard toward the
future though

Re: Salary
I'm not sure if this number is even close to real life salary for fresh
graduate. Some people have 10-15 years of experience, and have their CCNA.
And they are getting their big salaries not for CCNA, but for 15 years of
experience... Also it depends on a region. San Francisco or Boston area may
offer 80K+ or even 100K+ salary, but you will burn all these money with your
first rent. However somewhere in a village in KY of ND people live like
kings on 30K+. So, don't look at numbers - look around.

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Re: Salary
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This is absolutely true.  Just having a CCNA does not in anyway say if you
are able to handle the responsibility of these jobs in the 76k range.  If
someone brought me a resume requesting that and having a CCNA, but no
practical experience, I would laugh them right out of the office.  I would
venture to guess that entry level CCNA salaries would average more around
$40-45k. That's still not bad for an entry level position. Same as entry
professional career.  Imagine a lawyer fresh out of the bar exam requesting
the salary of some of the seasoned veterans.  All it says is that he can
pass a test.  And, I'll bet there are a good number of CCNA's making over

So, you can't really make a direct correlation of CCNA to salary.

Just MHO,


Re: Salary
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yea im not expecting more than 50, but I would like to make 45 at
least, with an associates, bachelors, CCNA and a year of level 2

Re: Salary

As it was said, don't look for figures in the salary - look around. If you
live in a small town, where there are no businesses, then be glad with what
you have. If you want 45K or 50K as a startup, be ready to move to another
town, county, or even state. Just look at Dice or Monster for salaries in
your area. It will give you more realistic picture of what to expect.

Good luck,

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Re: Salary
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I would agree with Jim, that there is no direct correlation. It is
just 'icing' on the cake so to speak. If you are talking about having
a B.S. degree and a CCNA then you should do o.k. The bottom line when
it comes to your pay is - how much money are you going to make the
business? Have you proven this in the past? If you are "green" your
salary will be lower than most. Don't get disillusioned on how much
your degree and certification are worth. All I can say is to do your
research determine where you want to live, focus, and go for it. The
post you made here is a great start! As far as the salary question, I
make about 1CK living in the Southeast, I just got my CCNA last month,
but I do have an M.S. in Telecommunications Management and 10 years of
experience... like I said... it's icing...

Re: Salary
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as well as Cisco Resumes:


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