routing pb with virtual access VPDN

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i have big trouble with VPDN !!
i can ping from my R1 router all ip addres on my CPE or lan behind him
but i cant ping from router connected on LNS
it seem that LNS dont route packets to virtual acces
wen i ping from cpe lan icmp arrive on destination but on back, they are
blocked by LNS
is there one limitation from vpdn ?
i dont have any acces rules

please help, i dont find error since two days !!!

thanks for your assistance,

R1#show vpdn

L2TP Tunnel and Session Information Total tunnels 1 sessions 1

LocID RemID Remote Name   State  Remote Address  Port  Sessions
19256 13584 HGT1          est    1701  1

LocID RemID TunID Intf          Username               State  Last Chg
21    11280 19256 Vi1           test@bobigny.tgt.cttl. est    00:05:17

% No active L2F tunnels

% No active PPTP tunnels

vpdn enable
vpdn-group 1
  protocol l2tp
  virtual-template 1
 terminate-from hostname TGT1
 local name LNS1
 lcp renegotiation always
 l2tp tunnel password 7 12110203
interface Virtual-Template1
 mtu 1492
 ip unnumbered Loopback0
 keepalive 3
 ppp accounting authlist_ppp
 ppp chap hostname LNS1
 ppp multilink
interface Loopback0
 ip address

conf CPE :
interface Dialer1
 mtu 1492
 ip unnumbered Ethernet0
 encapsulation ppp
 dialer pool 1
 dialer remote-name redback
 dialer-group 1
 keepalive 3 10
 no cdp enable
 ppp authentication chap pap callin
 ppp chap hostname test@bobigny.tgt.cttl.cdsl
 ppp chap password 0 bobigny
 ppp pap sent-username test@bobigny.tgt.cttl.cdsl password 0 bobigny
router rip
 version 2

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