routersim buggy?

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Anyone out there used routersim and found it to be buggy?  I'm practicing
for my CCNA exam and configuring routers exactly as instructed but when i
verify configurations it's not the way i programmed it.

For example I just tried to configure RIP using the following commands.  It
verified fine on the first router, but didn't on the second:

2600B#config t
2600B(config)#router rip

Then the command
2600B# sh ip route
didn't show the RIP functioning:

Re: routersim buggy?

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"sh ip route" will show you if you have received (RIP) routes which are
placed in the routing table.

If you want to know if you are advertising correctly on your 2600B type "sh
ip protocols".
This will show you the routing protocols running on your 2600B.
[off topic] "sh protocols" will show you the routed protocols, e.g. IP, IPX,
AppleTalk. [/off topic]

I also tried routersim v5.0.08 and find it to be working just fine.
It's not perfect, for example it doesn't know BRI interface's.
You have to learn BRI for your CCNA.
I used Boson (and a real stack) for those purposes.

Hope this helps. :-)

Re: routersim buggy?

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routersim is poop

boson netsim is best

also can never beat using a real router

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