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what is the meaning of this question and what's the possible best
Q- Why is router on a stick a necessary solution?

  1-because Layer 2 LAN switches can also operate at Layer 3
  2-because routers cannot route packets between multiple VLANs
  3-because Layer 2 LAN switches can only support a single VLAN
  4-because Layer 2 LAN switches cannot switch frames between multiple

Re: Router on a stick
A switch or hub only forwards packets within a single subnet.  VLANs
partition a physical switch into multiple virtual switches, each for a
different subnet.  A router is needed transfer (route) packets between
different subnets.

Two Switches can be connected via a single cable that contains VLAN
information within each packet so that several VLANs on one switch can
each be independently connected to the corresponding VLAN on a second

Or, that same tagging technique can be used to connect multiple vlans
to a router over a single physical port, so that the router ('on a
stick") can transfer (route) the packets from one subnet (vlan) to
another subnet (vlan) on the same physical switch.  Otherwise, if you
had 4 vlans on a switch, you would need 4 ethernet ports on a router in
order to connect the different subnets.

Re: Router on a stick
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Correct answer is #4.

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