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When using "sh version", the memory information will bedisplayed, such
as the sizes of RAM, NVRAM and FLASH.

Are they all upgradable and if yes, with what type of memory chip?  It
seems NVRAM is not upgradable, right?

ROM seems not showing with this command...

Re: Router Memories

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In "sh ver" you get the following lines

cisco ------------------------------------------- with 61440K/4096K bytes of
16384K bytes of processor board System flash (Read/Write)

On this particular router the 61440+4096 is the dram, ie 64 meg.  The 16384
is the flash (where the IOS/running-config is stored).  Both are removable
chips inside the router that can be changed.  I believe some of the smaller
routers can't be upgraded (soho range).


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ps - check out ebay and you'll find plenty of memory for sale.

Re: Router Memories

It should be noted that in some of the cheaper routers such as the 827, you
cannot upgrade the flash.  There is only 1 slot on the motherboard and that
is for DRAM
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