Router didn't allow me to go exec mode

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I've Cisco Router 2612 It had password, I cleared the password, Now it
didn't boot, didn't show any info.....when it's start it;s just showing
jjjjjjjju............jjjjjjjjjjjjj like this.
Any idea? How can I recovered this router?
It didn't prompt mode, it's just freeze only displaying
JJJJJJJJJJJJ............some wired letters
Thanks in advance.


Re: Router didn't allow me to go exec mode
On pon, 22 paź 2007 o 10:42 GMT, MIR ALI wrote:
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I'm not sure what exactly you did, but below I put some general
instructions which almost always are appropriate.

Set up tftp server on PC (or somewhere else), put there correct IOS image
and connect router using its ethernet slot to PC's NIC.

1. Power on router
2. Send break sequence to get into ROMMON
3. Try to boot IOS from TFTP server

(exact instructions how to do this you will find on

If this won't work then possible scenarios are:
- you have wrong ios image
- router's RAM memory is corrupted
- there is some other hardware problem

but, if booting from tftp will work then try to copy ios image to router's
flash memory and set convenient config register, ie 2102, other options
are listed here:

When you can boot from tftp, but not from flash then it's obvious that
you should try to put another flash memory.

Hope this help...

pozdr. Slawomir Kawala
JID: slwkk [at] alternatywa [dot] net
GSM: (0)601-398-348

Re: Router didn't allow me to go exec mode
A Cisco 2612 router has some age on it.  I remember the 2612 having
integrated 10mb/s ethernet and token ring interfaces.  This device does have
some age on it.

If the hardware is sound, this could possibly be caused by terminal
settings.  I mention this because you said that you cleared the password.
If you did this by booting the router and breaking into ROMMON mode, perhaps
it is possible that another setting was changed for the baud rate of the
console serial connection while you were also setting the router to boot
without loading the startup configuration.

Eliminate this possibility or resolve the problem by rotating through baud
rates in your terminal emulator and booting up your router.  If this is the
cause, one baud rate setting will allow the screen to be viewed.

The reason that I suggest this is that console port speeds can be set higher
such as 57600.  This would be great for sending an IOS image file over the
console serial connection using XMODEM protocol in comparison to doing so at
9600 baud.  If you console connect later at 9600 baud, the characters on the
screen appear as gibberish.
Set your baud rate to match, get the connection to be viewable, boot into
ROMMON and set the baud rate back down to 9600, then load the IOS back up.

Refer to the documentation on Cisco's website for the specific hexadecimal
setting for changing the baud rate for the console connection.
Now that your password has been reset, if you are able to view the console,
boot into ROMMON mode and enter the following:
rommon 1 >confreg 0x2102


     Scott Perry
Indianapolis, Indiana
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Re: Router didn't allow me to go exec mode
I've also seen an interesting phenomenon where the baud rate of the
console port gets reconfigured by IOS/upgrade/bug to a high setting such
as 115200.

Scott Perry wrote:
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