Recommendation on equipment

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I am looking to get some equipment to practice on and have been offered
someone's old practice rig.

Is this a good price:
4 - 2501 routes
1 - 1900 switch
1 full size rack with computer shelf
2 - transceivers
bunches of cabling
$375 us dollars

Thanks for any advice


Re: Recommendation on equipment
On Wed, 17 Jan 2007 21:32:45 -0700, John wrote:

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Well if you have a decent pc with gig or so of memory then use
dynagen/dnynamips for your routers.

1900 switches are pretty old, you can find 2950's or 3500's on ebay
fairly cheap.

Re: Recommendation on equipment
Hi John,

You may wish to investigate Cisco eBay:


Brad Reese
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Re: Recommendation on equipment
On czw, 18 sty 2007 o 04:32 GMT, John wrote:
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Pretty old hardware. Everything depends on what do you want to learn.
There are people who passed CCNA and even didn't touched real Cisco
hardware (only simulators like Boson Netsim and books) but it isn't good
way. IMHO if you want pass CCNA and get some real experience you should
consider buying routers like 26xx (ie 2610 + wic-1t/wic-2t modules and
optional second ethernet port module) - there you can put 16M flash and
64RAM + ios 12.3. Good choice will be also 17xx routers (1720 / 1721 ) -
quite new* hardware (by default? I'm not sure...) with serial and isdn
ports modules. What about switches... 19xx - forget about it, most of
them have catos (menu based software) instead of IOS, besides you will
need at least 3 switches if you want to test (R)STP. Take a look at 29xx
switches family...

Next thing... I don't remember exact model but AFAIR ones of 25xx routers
had 4 serials ports - you may want to buy it and use as frame relay switch.

2507 has 16 ethernet ports - good stuff to test nat/access lists/simple
QOS ... of course you can do it also on 2610 but it has one eth port so
you will have to do 'router on the stick' or buy ethernet port module
(ok, there is also another possibility - connect 2 routers via serial
ports, wan to rtr1 eth, pc to rtr2 eth...).

Think about it and make your own decision. Remember one thing (this is
only my opinion and I might be wrong) - if you don't have a couple of
thousand $ to spend on your lab then you will never test everything
(for example - isdn simulator - quite expensive stuff or many routers
to test OSPF)

*quite new while you are looking at 25xx routers of course.

ps. sorry for my bad English if there are some mistakes...

pozdr. Slawomir Kawala
JID: slwkk [at] alternatywa [dot] net
GSM: (0)601-398-348

Re: Recommendation on equipment
Hi John

I have a 2514, ideal because it has 2 x serial interfaces so it can be a
frame relay switch, and 2 x ethernet ports.
A 1721 with 1 x serial and 1 x ethernet.
A 1603 also with one of each.
And I have a 2950 switch
As for ISDN stuff, I do not have a simulator, too expensive, I just buy some
rack time with quite cheap and works very well.
You could probably pick all this or similar up on Ebay for less than your
375 bucks, and it's better kit.

Good luck mate

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Re: Recommendation on equipment
Thanks everyone for such detailed advice. I have been given a bunch of
info to digest.



Den wrote:
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