Re: MPLS VPN - CCDA level configuration question... (possibly CCDP)

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"Previously employed as a technical instructor at two ExecuTrain
locations and Miami-Jacobs Business College. Instructed classes for
Visual Basic and certifications including CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network
+, Novell CNA, Microsoft MCSE, and Cisco CCNA."

...<grin> - it shows too.

You Sir, are a leg-end.

Thanks for the informative response. The ofset list was exactly what I
setup; after that I managed to get our MPLS vendor to finally admit
that they'd done something wrong.

The "MPLS cloud" was broken into two sub-clouds - one for ADSL point-
to-point links, the other for FR links.
...they had split-horizon configured on the FR cloud, but not the ADSL
cloud. They fixed that, and our problem went away. As did the problems
of a few other customers of our provider.

Thanks for your help, was very much appreciated.

I hope to do the same for anyone I can help on this newsgroup in the
future. I've always held that you don't really know something unless
you can explain it cold.

Rajinder Joat

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