Re: CCNA Home Lab Hardware advice.

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Hey man, you dont have to buy hardware, just get the CCNA Simulator,
its almost the same, on the sim you can deploy unlimited
routers/switches and PC's, I used that, and it helped me a lot.

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Re: CCNA Home Lab Hardware advice.
Try the simulaor its good to start with .. and once u use it you can
play with it accordingto your creativity..i used the simulator in CCNP
Switching as well


Re: CCNA Home Lab Hardware advice.
I agree with both ideas for these reasons:

Simulator:  The simulator will be MUCH cheaper than several of today's
current model Cisco network devices.  The simulators will allow time and
experience working in the interactive Ciscio IOS command line interface
(CLI).  Just about anything topic needed for a Cisco CCNA should be included
in a decent simulator software.  Please note that simulators do not have
full functionality and you may very likely experiment with commands that
will result in some pre-written simulator message stating that the simulator
does not support this command or feature.

Real Hardware:  Learning the IOS commands for configuration is one thing.
Initially configuring a device and performing alternate booting is another.
Some people also just feel more comfortable having total access to the
device so that there is not anything happening that they cannot be aware of.
Link light behaviour, console boot-up message display, and knowing the
hardware itself are some of the main reasons.  With the actual device you
can boot into ROMMON mode and practice recovering a password or even x-modem
loading an IOS image when the current image is corrupt.  There will be no
mystery behind what a device does prior to when a simulator provides you
with a booted device.  You can see what a link light does on a shutdown
interface.  There are many comforting reasons.

I suggest buying a very common and retired Cisco 2500 series router real
cheap.  Do not spend a lot on it, realisticly only $10-20 if possible for an
ethernet based 2500 series router with the AUI to RJ-45 adapter.  If you are
up to it, get 2 of them and connect their serial ports.  Not much more than
that is needed at all.  Play around with it and get to know its flash memory
and how to work on the console.
When you get familiar with the idea of what you are working in, let the
simulators provide the idea of multiple routers in an environment through
their software.  You will hopefully only be spending around $50 for the real
equipment and anywhere between $0-100 for the simulator software.  It makes
you really learn the Cisco product models when you work with them in person.


     Scott Perry
Indianapolis, Indiana

Re: CCNA Home Lab Hardware advice.
I like the idea of learning on true equipment, not a PC based

I feel I will learn more this way !

Re: CCNA Home Lab Hardware advice.

On Dec 12, 10:56 am, wrote:
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this link is a simulator but I recommendation try this...

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