re CCNA exam preparation

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Hi all,

    will be attemping the CCNA exam in the near future and
    was wondering what info anybody found useful to write
    down during the initial 15min reading time they give you,
    which would come in handy during the exam itself.

    any help greatly appreciated.



Re: re CCNA exam preparation
Hi Harry,

   I would say stop by your neighborhood book store and look for exam
cram on the SHELFS. In there you will see a sheet that will help you
with somethings you must know. When I took my exam 3 years ago I
basicaly dumped the ip subnetting sheet and then anything I could
remember next.

Good luck...... I personally am studying to recert....

I have every type of documentation that can be bought and paid for...
Exam Cram, Cisco Press books, CCNA Command Quick Reference, the Cisco
Network Academy Program books, and yes 1000 questions from Test
King... I will not be happy until I know it all, after all how can you
proceed to a CCNP if you do not know your CCNA. You know while I was
training for my MCSE my instructor told me there is a real way to do
things (everything is broke and we need it fixed now), there is a
right way (steps taken to find a well documented fix for the problem),
and the Microsoft way (the one that is hidden in the text of a
Microsoft Press book). To me I wish these CertGaurd guys would be more
challenged and become ResumeGaurds, afterall that is were the real
travisty is, when you beat out of a job because someone can name off
more certs than you. If they are not already owned by the big two, I
am sure that have asperations to be owned.... Their commentary rarely
does anything to elevate the level of education here.


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Re: re CCNA exam preparation
thanks Bob,

        seem's there's always a price to pay to join the collective!


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