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I just have to ask:

Can anyone be so stupid as to send their MCP ID to a
email address asking for braindumping materials?

I would think it would work better if you used a
address. Plus, I think you should come up with a better reason for
sending the MCP ID than "you'll get better stuff."  That doesn't
really make sense.

How about having people submit their ID to get special access to an
MCP only forum or listserv with up-to-the-minute test questions posted
by other MCP's that just took the test?

I'm just saying, if you REALLY want to get people to report themselves
to Microsoft, why make is so obvious? Anyone dumb enough to fall for
this is too stupid to pass an interview anyhow - and a waste of your


On Wed, 16 May 2007 08:12:31 -0500, "Robert Williams [CertGuard]"

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Re: All new updates only at with 100% passing guarantee - Is Anyone THIS Dumb?
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Hahaha....oh you wouldn't believe the responses we've gotten.

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I also have Thomas<DOT>Tips<AT>CertGuard<DOT>com, not much better I know,
but see my response to your 1st question.

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Even if we were trying to attract those that are looking to violate the Exam
Security Policies, we would never violate  them ourselves, besides, what
you're suggesting would be entrapment and anyone that lost a certification
because of it would be able to sue in a court of law. (From what I

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I agree, but it all started out as a gag by the world famous MCNGP. We used
to simply report the people to tctips ourselves, but the number of emails we
were sending was so outrageous that one MCNGP decided to be a wise guy and
tell the cheater to ask Thomas for the braindumps. Well, the cheater
actually emailed tctips requesting the dumps and was sternly reprimanded. My
connections to Microsoft told me about it and thought it was the funniest
thing he'd ever heard of, so we continued, and it has progressed from there.

Also, it's not that all of them are stupid, or morons, or idiots, there is
simply a language barrier that prevents most people from fully understanding
what is going on. Most of the individuals are from India and their
language/dialect is a bit different than yours or mine.

When I first started posting in these newsgroups, I used to think the same
thing. I have since some to understand the differences in culture and the
differences in dialect. That, and I am much more fluent in broken English
than I ever have been.

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Have a good one


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