rant: BCRAN obsolete async stuff

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Cisco BCRAN chap4: Configuring Async Connections with Modems

OMFG, who the hell deal with a bunch of async modems any more? Didn't
we turn year 2000 like 6 years ago?  

Every Dick and Harriet use VPN these days... and this chapter has the
gall, within the same page tells me "A CCNP or CCDP candidate should
commit the line commands to memory, not just for the test, but for
success in the field."  Memorizing these arcane, out-of-date
configuration stuff, I DUNN THINK SO BUBBA.  I'd do it to pass the
exam and that's about it.

I am sure some of u are gonna give me an example. Like u work for this
post office outside of Iowa with 600 resident and have this old modem
bank... well I have no plan to move to Iowa!

Re: BCRAN obsolete async stuff
I agree with your sentiments - perhaps this is part of the reason "BCRAN" is
being retired.

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Re: BCRAN obsolete async stuff
When is it being retired ?

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Re: BCRAN obsolete async stuff
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it is a world wide exam.

Just because your bit of the US? doesnt use modems much doesnt mean that is
true everywhere.

i work in the UK - tmy company still operates 10s of 1000s of modems
(although to be fair not many of them are cisco) since a big chunk of the UK
doesnt get broadband and / or broadband is only 60%+ of households.

The UK /Europe population density is high compared to the US broadband take
up is higher than most of Europe, but modems are still out there...

The old joke is you couldnt make the world in 7 days if there was an
installed base....
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stephen_hope@xyzworld.com - replace xyz with ntl

Re: BCRAN obsolete async stuff
Commit to memory? I only remember commands that I use every day. I always
resort to my notes to refresh my memory when configuring items that come up
infrequently i.e. routing protocols, qos sets, etc.

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