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Hey, this is Mike. I'm stumped on some questions I have. The first
question I have is ,

Assume you are connected via serial console to a Cisco 2600 with a
default config. You have been assigned the far side of
as a transport network. List all of the IOS commands needed to
statically configure it for internet reachability via FastEthernet0/1.

The second question I have is

How many IPs are in a Class C subnet? Assuming a gateway is in use,
what is the max number of hosts you could have assigned on that IP

I think its 256 with 2 reserved ips. 254 useable ips?


Re: Questions about networking

On Monday, May 21, 2012 3:01:03 AM UTC-4, ghjg hjgh wrote:
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Q1: Assuming your ISP is advertising
int S0
ip nat outside
ip addr
no shut
ip route
int FastEthernet0/1
ip nat inside
ip address
no shut
ip nat inside source list 10 interface s0 overload
access-list 10 permit
!Note all traffic must originate from inside.
Q2: 254 minus the GW IP, would be 253 useable IP's



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