prometricvue is honest?

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Hi to all,

I want to buy testking Q&A for exam snd 642-552 and I found smaller
price on prometricvue website....( 69$ vs 29$) .
In your opinion is a honest site?

It seems that  they have combined two famous testing center names
(prometric and pearson vue)......mmmmh.
What do you think about?


Re: prometricvue is honest?
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Gee, they are selling braindumps, which are illegal and unethical so that
they can make a profit.  They did very little work to put together the
questions, as they are stolen.  You even mentioned how they are playing of
the name of the testing centers.  And, you ask are they honest?

Hmmm, think about it.

Re: prometricvue is honest?
I agree.

To recap my post within the week:

Go learn the actual material.  If you buy actual test questions in a
booklet, which is unethical, you may pass the exam and proceed to
demonstrate incompetence on the job.

There is much pride in doing your job well and much ease in your work by
knowing how to job well.  Go read the books until the concepts are
understood.  Continue to post questions on here so that others can explain
the concepts and answers and help you.  Then go pass your exam.


That brings up a good point:  Why are the posts on here all about just
passing the CCNA?  Why not more about the actual material, understanding
concepts outside of the CCNA scope, and how to make working networks happen?


     Scott Perry
Indianapolis, Indiana
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Re: prometricvue is honest?
I've also seen an interesting phenomenon where the baud rate of the
console port gets reconfigured by IOS/upgrade/bug to a high setting such
as 115200.

Scott Perry wrote:
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Re: prometricvue is honest?
On Fri, 26 Oct 2007 09:29:33 -0400, Scott Perry wrote:

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I agree with everything you say.

I work with a couple of guys who got their CCNAs using brain dumps. One
took a year's worth of courses and could not pass the exam in multiple
attempts (5 I think). He is not a computer person. I think he used to
drive a truck.

The other fellow has a rack with a bunch of old routers at his house and
is always tinkering. He was originally hired in the IT hardware support  
department based on his A+ certification. He borrowed the brain dump
stuff from the first guy along with Odom's 640-801 book. He says he did
not know what a brain dump was or that there might be ethical issues. I'm
not sure how he could be that naive, but there is no denying that he is
very talented. He passed on his first attempt.

The whole point of certs is that they'd be reliable enough predictors of
talent that HR departments could use them as filters. But given the
ubiquity of brain dumps you often just end up with unqualified people.

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