Problems connecting 2500 to 4000 for CCNA labs

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Yet, another Cisco problem however I'm sure most of you are more advanced
then me..

I have a 2500 and 4000 series routers that I'm trying to directly connect.
The cable between them is a db60 male (2500) to a db50 male (4000) and
plug directly into the serial ports provided by both routers. When I try
to bring the interface up it doesn't stay up for very long. The status is
up however the protocol is down on both sides. I have tried two different
clock rates of 56000 and 64000 to no avail. The cable between them is
brand new and as far as I know the routers are fine. Due to my
inexperience with Cisco configurations I am guessing that there is
something that I am not doing correctly on my end.

ip address
clock rate 64000
no shutdown

router rip

copy run start

Is there anything else I should consider with trying to connect these two
routers? I have tried the other serial interfaces with no luck. Like I
said the status will come up fine. The line protocol will come up only
briefly and shutdown. My experience is NIL as I am trying to set up this
home network to work towards my CCNA.
I would really appreciate any advice or help that any of you can offer.



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