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i have one problem . i have 10 pc my lan connection is ,ping ,ip
addressing ,every thing is fin ,no error i event viewer ,but i can't
access my administrative share , why? pl z send me
solution .............*

 i have one router ,connected with two switches 1switch has 7 pc other
switch has 7 pc how many broad cast domain and how many collusion

Re: problem
If you have 10 PCs on your LAN and the shared directory is on a computer in
that LAN then this is not a Cisco networking problem.  If all of your
computers are connected to an ethernet switch and they are all on the same
side of a router, there is very little that would keep your PCs from
communicating with each other.

If both switches are connected together and are connected into 1 interface
on your router, you have 1 broadcast domain.  Each switchport is its own
collision domain because an ethernet switch with PCs connected at full
duplex seperates collision domains on each port.


     Scott Perry
Indianapolis, Indiana
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