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Where do I start?

We had two Pix 501's attached via dual network cards to two servers which
worked fine (one used Proxy software for internet access, the other for
accessing our mail box on out ISP's site)

Now however we want to introduce exchange server and have been advised that
multi-honing is not the best method.

So (and I apologise for my ignorance in advance) I thought it would just be
a case of connecting the Pix to our internal network, our network DHCP
server would give it it's IP address, and we would then point our Exchange
server to that address for port 25 traffic.

If anyone could give me an overview of where my thinking has gone astray I
would greatly appreciate it - please pitch any replies at a four-year olds
level so I can understand

Many thanks in advance


Re: Pix 501 - Help!
Well the PIX being a firewall needs to have a static IP address
assigned. You need to open a port going from the Outide network to the
Inside [protected] network to allow port 25 in. The PIX would
essentically be the defualt gateway for the Exchange server [most

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