Password first -login second?

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At my CCNA class the routers we use (2600)wont allow you to use the
login command(when in line console mode or vty mode) until you have
put a password in-however a question on the Cisco site gives the
answer as -
line vty 0 4
password cisco
its question 3 on the practice questions for Semester 2.
Any definitive answer please? The older routers I used would allow it
either way-is the Version perhaps?

Re: Password first -login second?
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Unfortunatly, my CNA CCNA 2 Module has been closed for quite some time
now.  If I remember correctly, that would have been the correct
answer.  A lot also does depend on the version of the CNA that you're
taking.  Since I took v3.1, there may have been a few things that were
presented in later versions that I know I missed.  2600 routers to the
CNA I know are considered old, but that doesn't mean that commands
from past routers to present are excluded.  Does the question specify
if you are using a virtual telnet login or using a console login?

Taylor S. Ripley
CertGuard Security Executive
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Re: Password first -login second?
On Fri, 15 Jun 2007 09:21:54 -0700

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Either way works: putting in the password first simply means you don't get the
warning message that login won't apply until you have put in the password.

Re: Password first -login second?
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on the CCNA exam would password first  be the correct answer?

Re: Password first -login second?
On Fri, 15 Jun 2007 23:29:38 -0700

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The cisco exam would be unlikely to ask 'What is the correct order?' If you
were asked about how to set up password validation on a telnet connection it is
more likely to test your knowledge that you needed both the password and the
login commands. In a simulation, if this step was required, either order would
pass AFAIR, although I just got into the habit of putting in password first in
preparation for my exam.

Re: Password first -login second?
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Thanks for that-I am hooping to take my CCNA in July-have taken a few
practice exams and have been getting around 90% -the applets that open
up seem quite straight forward-just wondered if it is true that once
you answer a question you cant go back to it?
thanks for your time

Re: Password first -login second?
The output of a "show running-config" or "show startup-config" shows the
commands in a certian order, not necessarily the order they were entered.
The exception to this of course is definately access-lists where the order
of entries is kept intact by the IOS.

There have been very few mix-ups discovered where the router would not
accept a set of commands in the order as they appear in the configuration.
In most cases, the commands are accepted with a warning message but are
still accepted, such as this case.

Just tested your dilemma on a 2600 series running IP base IOS version
From a clean default configuration, I entered configuration mode, entered
"line vty 0 15", then entered the login command.  The message "% Login
disabled on line XX, until 'password' is set" appeared but the configuration
retained the command.

My response is to accept the answer as "line vty 0 15" (or 0 4), "login",
"password XXXXX" just like you wrote below depite the warning from the IOS
when the login command is entered before the password.

     Scott Perry
Indianapolis, Indiana

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Re: Password first -login second?
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yes-thats what happened at my college-many thanks guys-much
appreciated-just a quick question-is it true if you dont answer a
question on the CCNA you can go back to it later?

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